Tokyo Design International drives forward the integration of design and business.

Tokyo Design International, Inc.
CEO Ichiro Hatayama

About our corporate logo

Origin of corporate logo

Our corporate logo is modern and bold.
It's formulated with the “T” of Tokyo and the “d” of design to symbolize our company name, Tokyo Design International, Inc..

“T” represents Trust´ŻąTrend´ŻąThinking which are the keywords that most directly embody the spirit of Tokyo Design International, Inc.. The “d” of design represents how it supports the part of T. The layout blends a sophisticated “T” with a soft “d”.

The color red represents humanity and intellectual creativity. Red dominates the field and represents the strong will of our founder. “Tokyo” in the company name reaffirms our Japanese identity.

Our corporate logo also showcases the Japanese sense of simplicity and tasteful beauty.
We believe it inaugurates a new era in the design business.

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